Gnomedex: Darren Barefoot

Darren spent his time engaging the audience (calmly, a nice change), creating a small currency (“The Stacy”, the cost of buying one woman one meal – in this case, a hot dog) for measuring the benefit you provide. There are occasional supporting points –

–you don’t have to do gigantic things to add value, and measuring benefit in small currency enables that

–the economic argument that the best thing you can do is earn more and give more doesn’t match what people do internationally (though we do give more and volunteer less in the US).

Points out organizations like Nabuur, Moulin, GeekCorps, Planet2020, SaveTheChildren, Nothing But Nets (“Pyramid Schemes for Good” – I’m sold), all of which give you a chance to do small things of real value.

Second Life provides opportunities to give – adopt a virtual Yak which is paid out for real money. Audience member talked about a larger project – a virtual version of a “Walk for Life” with virtual pedometers, kiosks around the grid, etc.

Darren’s following a new presentation standard for slides – lots of full-screen photos, very few words. It’s an extreme way of stopping people from reading your slides (and stopping you from reading your slides). I’ve never written a deck like this but plan to use this model for my next public presentation.

Some talk about nonprofits that do infrastructure – I know NPower (which is local to Seattle, or was at one point)


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