Gnomedex: Justin of

After the Kiko failure, “do something so crazy that Google wouldn’t come out with it.” Started with heavy camera on head, now trying to scale with off-the-shelf h/w and more people.

After his laconic talking, Justin auctioned off the foam-white section of his trucker hat (which I guess is functional, since it has a camera attached to it) – winner gets a URL written w/a black sharpie. Started at $1, a few pauses at $150 and $300 – offered to wear it for a month for $750 – “I don’t know if in a year I’ll be wearing a hat” – “man in the orange shirt” wins for $750. And right then this comes across twitter: “everyone at gnomedex check the msg board behind jtv’s head sez “2 bad suckers don’t know the res is too low to see what is on his hat””


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