Gnomedex: Quotes from the talk

I’m sure they’re nice people, but Gnomedex should not be your public speaking debut.

From the speakers:

  • “We love each other, we love martinis.”
  • “We came up with the name and it was like creativity diarrhea.”
  • “there’s something she does on video that’s just magic.”
  • “I like to hide in the closet.”
  • “We’ve always used Splenda and we love Splenda.”

From the IRC chat:

dotBen: If this is what their podcast is like, I’m off to subscribe to razar blades on iTunes
someone bring back Jason Calacanis.
“hi judy, drugs are bad!”

They have a CHRISTIAN BACKGROUND??!?! Yeah, it’s just like Dawn and Drew
faddah: it’s so nice that she let her potential stalker from church become her husband.

scottru: is anybody thinking that we’re going to be called to the stage for testimonials soon?
srhaber: this must be what a scientology seminar is like

ethankap: her twitter “I’m perky today!”
ethankap: his twitter “She is moving to another room, must follow”
dotBen: “Can you tell me more about your private videos plz”

scottru: oh now we have an ad for Splenda. That’s great.
scottru: you know what I like? Splenda.
dotBen: how do you link from a technical talk about the iPhone through to a tasty recipe with splenda?
davd: why not just dress up like NASCAR?
dotBen: I can see it now: Adam Curry, Ron Bloom and the execs at Splenda smoking cigars in a boardroom doing a big-bucks deal.
davd: doing lines of SPLENDA

dotBen: I’m looking for a video network that really does do ‘everything’. Not just get the advertising and the hosting, I also want them to do the show too. I don’t want to do anything, basically. Let me know.


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