Gnomedex: The End

I didn’t write about the last two sessions (the UW panel or the clean energy speaker) – partly fatigue, partly I’m tired of blogging about disappointing things. But since it’s Gnomedex attendees that started me blogging for real, might as well write a summary.

The rumor is true – Gnomedex is about the hallway conversations and the relationships, not the sessions. Some of the sessions were motivating (Ignite Seattle, Guy Kawasaki, Darren Barefoot) or sparked interesting conversations (Vanessa Fox), but those turned out to be the exception. As Ethan Kaplan put it, “I thought it was a tech conference, not conspiracy theories and violation of thermodynamics conference.”

Far better were the people I met (Vanessa Fox, Ethan Kaplan, Dave McClure, Todd SawickiDeepak SinghGregg Spiridellis, Baratunde Thurston, etc.), reconnected with (Dave Schappell, Daryn Nakhuda – discussed my “Seattle CTO Support Group” idea with him, now actually need to follow up), know and was able to watch shine (Elan Lee, Leo Dirac), etc. Noting the obvious – if you weren’t blogging, you were twittering; if you weren’t twittering, you were facebooking; lots of casual mentions of Facebook and zer0 of LinkedIn. Oh, and a celebrity sighting at a very good sushi dinner.

The single message I’m thinking most about was Deborah Schultz‘s comments about the way your relationships and networks weave together, and how that impacts my own networks. Oh, and stick with Jason’s comment – try to interact with actual people more than I manage their online proxies.

Huge thanks to Chris (who I talked to for one minute before someone interrupted, ah well, next time) and Ponzi for making this unique event happen!


5 Responses to “Gnomedex: The End”

  1. dave mcclure Says:

    scott: enjoyed meeting you too, hanging out & dinner… that sushi was goooooood 🙂

    take care & hope to catchup again sometime. ping me if you’re down in the bay area!

    – dmc

  2. deb schultz Says:

    Scott – glad you liked it – it really is just the beginning of stuff I am sorting out. Hapy to chat more and get your thoughts anytime! You know where to find me..;)

  3. scott ruthfield Says:


    Dave – sushi and the celebrity sighting, what could be better. 🙂 Let me know if you head up here again.

    Deb – my original plan for Facebook was to make it the social network where I got the friends “right” – actually only approved or invited people who I really thought about as friends, either in the past or now. I started to realize during Gnomedex, and your presentation sealed it, that this model didn’t make sense for me or for others – that these relationships are different, they don’t have to map to real-life relationships, and that my responsibilities to managing those relationships are different as well. Interesting stuff.

  4. Deepak Says:


    Definitely, for me Gnomedex was about the people as well (and the Twitter chatter was not half bad 🙂 ). As someone not quite in the tech community, the opportunity to meet you and others makes the event worth every penny

  5. Vanessa Fox Says:

    Great meeting you, and I totally agree that the hallway conversations were fantastic.

    Deb, really enjoyed what you had to say. There’s definitely a lot to think about there.

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