Gnomedex: No topic is so serious

That Robert Scoble can’t interrupt it to curse about Valleywag. Ethan Kaplan and I turned to each other at the same time and said in unison “Did that really just happen?”

I wasn’t going to write about the discussion with Derek Miller about blogging and living through cancer – I don’t know Derek and didn’t feel like it needed a book report – but interrupting the end with this felt obscene.


2 Responses to “Gnomedex: No topic is so serious”

  1. Robert Scoble Says:

    Sorry about that. But when you have the world’s influencers all in one room and someone is writing complete bullshit about you it needs to be said.

  2. Scott Ruthfield Says:

    Wrong venue – respond on Valleywag, not on the mic.
    Wrong time – really, do I need to point this out? Was this really such an emergency?
    “World’s influencers all in one room” – I’ll let that one go.

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