Hello, How Are You, Won’t You Tell Me Your Name

Since I jumped into blogging without the requisite introduction, go.

About Me

One wife, two daughters (code-named Rooster & Schtickl). Live in Greenlake area of Seattle. Road Cycling, Snowboarding. M.O.T. Rice University BA & MCS, EOL RRF.

Responsible for software engineering and tech operations at Whitepages.com. Previous stop was Amazon, where over a few years I ran Amazon’s e-mail marketing programs, built the new Amazon Gold Box (see my favorite Yahoo Pipe and my Ignite Seattle talk), ran the community content team (including customer reviews), redesigned the blog program (now called Amazon Daily), and otherwise wandered about. Previous stop Microsoft, working on rounding errors and utter failures.

What You’ll See Here

Likely topics will range from life hacks to random finds to product reviews or notes (web products, casual games) to shilling. In other words, since I have no discernible skills or areas of expertise to focus on, we’ll just have to see. Going to force a daily diet of writing for a while to see if this moves beyond the Gnomedex kickoff. Oh, and I really like Jeff Barr‘s daily link sets – I may be a better curator than writer, so I might do that on occasion. Or, ummm, daily.

At some point I’ll mess with the design.


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