Controlling RSS overload

Two birds, one stone: my RSS readers have caused me two problems (yes, it’s their fault, not my lack of self-control):

  • See a feed, add a feed – no cost to more feeds
  • More and more time each day obsessively checking my reader in case one of those feeds popped up (my own case of NADD)

I was heading to RSS bankruptcy, until I came up with a solution – every time I add a feed, I tag it with Daily, Weekly, or Occasionally. I then check these tags/folders at defined times. Keeping those folders in order provides some self control as well – if your reader alphabetizes folders, call the last one zOccasionally. (Nice ring to it.)

image Here’s an example in Bloglines: I’ve used this with both Bloglines & Google Reader.

This little bit of structure added a whole lot of control – I have a speed bump before adding each feed, which means fewer get in; the Occasional feeds are falling off more and more often, because who has time to do things Occasionally – I dropped a lot of feeds when I reorganized, too; I close the reader at the end of each check each day.



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