Selling IT Wall of Shame: R Systems

Here’s another mail trying to sell me on offshored technology services, with no attempt to personalize – it’s just spam. At least Fidelity entered the company name. These folks have called a few times and left messages – always with the name of my predecessor, despite the name on the voicemail. Here’s the first email – again, formatting preserved, my comments in blue:

From: Gurpreet
To: Gurpreet (yes, I’m bcc’d on this mail – not a good start)
Subject: R Systems intro for partnership in offshore s/w development & onsite consulting
Importance: High (ummm, really? High for who?)

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your time.  

I would like to introduce R Systems for possible partnership, catering to your software needs (Onsite/offshore).
R Systems is a SEI CMMi Level 5 & ISO 9001 certified company with Intel & GE as strategic investor (sic, but this looks to be true) and has
5 State of the Art Development Centers with 400+ Software/Technical Resources in USA and 2000+ Consultants
in India and Singapore and ranked among top 20 companies to offshore with. (by who? BTW, there are actual line breaks in the mail here. And obviously there’s nothing made relevant for me.)

R Systems specializes in

1) Customized Software Development/ Application Development (Java/J2EE, C/C++, .NET technologies etc).

2) Quality Assurance/ Testing Services (Application Integration, Testing Tools, Rational/Mercury/Segue) (ok, #1 and #2 are actual things)

3) Web conferencing solutions/Portal Development. (OK, now I’m getting confused. Are you a telephony provider? And how are these related?)

4) Security software: secure content management, cryptography, Threat management, Biometrics, Smart Cards, Tokens.
Identity and access management, PKI (public key infrastructure, single sign on, TPM(Trusted platform module)

5) Mobility Solutions, IPTV etc (etc indeed)

6) Search Engine Marketing

7) Business Process Outsourcing

8) Financial/Banking (are they a bank, too?)

(font change here) Please feel free to call/email me if you require any information regarding pricing, methodologies, onsite/offshore models etc.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Gurpreet – Sr. Sales Manager
R Systems, Inc
Tel: (916) 939-XXXX(o) | (916) 600-XXXX©
(i think this is supposed to be cell)
SEI CMMi Level 5 Company


(Faithful readers: Life intervened for the last week, will catch up on some writing soon.)


One Response to “Selling IT Wall of Shame: R Systems”

  1. tODD Says:

    That’s odd — “Gurpreet” has always been my internal nickname for you.

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