Selling IT Wall of Shame: Nous Infosystems

Standard style of offshoring spam – you’d think they’d proofread it just once – with one fun twist. You’ll need to read for this one.

Dear Scott,

Greetings from Nicholas, Nous Infosystems.

I am looking to explore opportunities of providing outsourced Technology Support Services to your organization.

VServe24x7 is the BPO division of Nous Infosystems, an ISO 9001: 2000 & CMMI Level 5 certified global information technologies solutions company, with an expertise in providing IT Infrastructure solutions and Contact centre services. We have offices in US, UK, Germany & Australia with delivery centers in US, UK and India.

We offer standard packages as well as customized services based on best of breed tools and committed specialists from our offshore Global Operations Center.

I would like to know your interest for a quick call on exploring these arrays of services and discussing on Nous Infosystems operational efficiency that would benefit your organization.

Our offer includes:

Look forward to your response.

Thanks & Regards,

Nicholas <>
Business Development Executive
Nous Infosystems
Edison, NJ 08817
Tel: <>

Thanks for writing, Nicholas. The next time I need , you’ll be the first one I call.

(A note: for reasons only Google understands, this post has become a top result for people looking for Nous Infosystems information. I’ve kept it up, because I think there have been fair conversations, and I do believe in the power of open conversation. Through a colleague of the Nous CEO, I’ve offered to put a note on this page on their behalf. I do delete obvious spam, either positive or negative.)


48 Responses to “Selling IT Wall of Shame: Nous Infosystems”

  1. bond Says:

    Nous Infosystems is a fake company, this company has come under scrutiny of UK Home office. This happened bcoz of a guy who was not treated properly there BDM. This guy will make sure that Nous info systems will never get Work permits in future.

  2. Alistar Joe Says:

    I feel it is not correct to tarnish the image of a company which ever it is.
    The first one appears to be an sales / marketing email shot and whats wrong with that? Every organization wants to sell their services, products or solutions.

    The second one clearly appears to be from a disgruntled employee of the company and stands no ground.

    If a company has survived for 10 odd years then they ought to have some standard and cant be as bad as projected here.

  3. Kumar (Former Employee) Says:

    Nous is a wonderful company and I have been a part of the companies’ growth engine for eight wonderful years.

    The first post looks like a normal marketing email, which almost any company is into. Addressing a person by the name itself means that the company is targeting a select and genuine audience. It is for that person to decide whether to take the call or to hit the DELETE key.

    The second post of course looks like it is from a disgruntled employee. Not sure why someone would go to such lengths to tarnish a companies’ image… Imagine if every employee in Bear Stearns, Citibank, Countrywide, Enron etc posts in this website!

    Last but not the least, you can read up-to-date information on the company at They can provide you with verifiable client references to check about their previous projects and experiences.

    With a former employee writing all this.. Does a company need anything else to prove itself!

  4. Alistar Joe Says:

    Absolutely Kumar, you have hit the bulls eye.
    I receive marketing / sales emails from various parts of the world. I just hit the delete button if it does not mean any thing to me. I would never show the company or the sales rep in a poor light.
    I went through the website of Nous Info systems. Appears to be a decent company. Not sure of their expertise in Migrating from Cobol to .Net
    I would certainly like to try these guys out but since my budgets are freezed for the year, i can probably try them out some time later during the year.

  5. John Says:

    Nous is a flop company ..

  6. John David Says:

    Nous is a waste company. Almost gone. laid off all the people. Its a big FLOP company.

  7. Neeraj (Former Employee) Says:

    Nous is fraud ,false and cheating company. Please do not Join Nous this is my experience with them. Especially do not believe in their h1, these idiots suck the blood out of you.

  8. gupta Says:

    Hi Neeraj : can i have your coordinates ? .. to call u and understand more about this company .?

  9. Renjith Says:

    I was working with nous for more than 4 years. I have never felt its a fraud company. But i dont understand why some people want to create a bad image for Nous. And if someone has been laid off i think it should be because of their bad performance. And my friends, if laying off is the criterion for calling a company fraud, call Wipro, infosys, …. all frauds. From my experience, Nous has taken care of efficient people at difficult situations.

  10. bhillou Says:

    I think there should be a black list for companies such as Nous. They have sent me 4 unsollicited emails, even saying that they had convened a conf call with me which of course is complete lies.

    I don’t know why such companies think that they are gaining people’s trust by annoying them to the point where all they want to do is try to black list them and give them as much bad publicity as possible.

    This is SPAM, and it’s totally unacceptable.

    And for the “former employees” answering here saying nice things, it is highly probable that these are nothing else than people in marketing posing as old employees to try to do some damage control. I cannot believe that a company that has such bad practices in marketing is really nice to work at.

  11. raju(Former employee) Says:

    Nous is really bad company.I have worked with dem for an year and was treated very badly even though my performance was appreciated by clients.Never trust this company.

  12. AndyC Says:

    Nous has been spamming me (multiple emails). Any company that cold emails is not good. What’s more, they’ve hit me up as the owner of a rather large global company (which I’m not).
    Everything about this company and it’s email says to me that it’s a scam.
    So, good/bad, whatever. They’re random spamming for business which is a huge alarm bell to anyone who thinks that it’s a company to be involved with. Avoid like the plague…

  13. gujju(former employee) Says:

    Never trust Nous – You can polish shoes and earn more than trusting your luck on this company – they are the most fraud company. They are a small family run company with lies upon lies – being a former employee – I know their bad ways with which they treat employees – All they do is cheat people with body shopping – and then suck the blood out from them – they are useless company – they are already black listed in Europe and other countries like UK and Australia. They will abscond with your salary – its better to trust any startup company – their 10 years are built on cheating and lies – the administration is run by keralites who have no sensitivity towards north indians and I know a gujju manager who is a cheat fraud of order one – none of their managers should ever be allowed to join any other IT companies.

  14. Moumita Says:

    Hi Gujju(former employee)…

    I am really concern if whatever u have written is true….
    T recently got offer from Nous in Testing but reading all ur comments I am worried whether to join or not…mostly the absconding with the salary part.

    U have also mentioned that they treat employees in bad ways….i want to know exactly what they do…( like promissing of H1 & not providing can be accepted as many big companies do the same to retain employee). again u mentioned that they cheat people with body shopping..what is that??

    Please give a clear view so that i can take my decission of joining or not. I am looking for an early response..or can have ur mailid?? Please Help!!!!

  15. Manoj Says:

    Hi Moumita,

    Dont join Nous info systems…its not a good company,I have worked for them in the past.they treat employees very badly.

  16. Prospective employee Says:

    I recently got an offer from Nous, Bangalore for Oracle Apps DBA position. They have a project in Germany for 3-6 months. Is it a good company to join?

    Reading through the previous comments, in what sense are the employees treated badly?

  17. Amit kumar(former employee) Says:

    Nous had a testing team called Test Tree in the beginning of 2007 with 100+ members and during the recession they laid off 80+ members in a month and test tree team become 20 member team….there is no security for your job in Nous…

  18. Rinu Says:


    I have got an offer from Nous for software development. Looking at the comments I am in dilemma. I met people there ,they seem to be decent. Please post the truth since these posts would divert people’s mindset.

  19. Vishal Says:

    Really a troublesome situation..These guyz are offering a Fat Pay for BDM position…am caught b/s a devil and Red SEA…..Shall i accept there offer..Found out the infrastructure and people were quite good!!!

    Special request to former employees ..plz help out!!!!

  20. Karthik Says:

    I was a part of Nous for 3 years and had a good experience with them.
    I got exposure in working with latest .net technologies.They have good projects from the US and UK and provide plenty of growth and onsite opportunities.Surely a company to work for.

  21. Karthik Says:

    I was associated wtih Nous for 3 years and had a good experience with them.
    I got exposure in working with latest .net technologies.They have good projects from the US and UK and provide plenty of growth and onsite opportunities.Surely a company to work for.

  22. sonia Says:

    I got offer from nous ….in testing pls suggest whether shall i join or not

  23. Swaroop Says:

    NOUS is a company where you can utilize opportunity

  24. swapnilkumar Says:

    who said Nous is a good company?it’s a tuglak company. we should keep NOUS in 1st possition in blocklisted companies. its a fraud company. dont join in nous and dont spoil ur carrier. there is no job guaranty in NOUS. dey wil treat resources like a dogs.

  25. sonia Says:

    Thanks swapnil i will seriously think on that….even i heard this many of the employees

  26. A Nair Says:

    Guys, i belong to testing division. See my exp here then you could decide how nous company is:

    I have around 40 leaves on my plate, its very hard to get leave approval from manager, however finally & hardly i got one day leave after 6 months then due to emergency i took one more day and also sent email to manager with all details.

    Manager rejected leave with reply of my email and went to loss of pay for that month. When i came back and discussed with manager, he was told that was not professionalism.

    See why they are allocating leaves yearly and why they are deducting from employee salary if he uses the allocated leaves.

    Whenever you go and ask manager to take leave, he always says that is not a professionalism, i don’t know what the hell is professionalism.

  27. tom Says:

    hey nair i got a offer from nous has a tech support exe… at hsr layout. can you give me some details about the company im gettin into…

  28. tom Says:

    Very sad and dull place to work… all mallu managers… very small company… if your looking for growth… DO NOT join this company… an again all the managers are MALLU’S…
    all old men and aunties working at nous hsr layout. if your young an have a life… please do not join nous…

  29. Harish Says:

    Had very bad experience working for Nous at onsite. Nous hr team hardly responds to queries, pathetic leave policies. Cant trust.

  30. Arun Says:

    -Pathetic place to work….Managers don’t have the word ‘manners’ in there dictionary.Everybody boast there ownself and have least respect for subordinates.Boring place for new generation…please don’t even in the wildest dream think of joining this company… Had a very bad experience.

  31. coolsitefinder Says:

    I was working with nous 9 years ago when it was very small (20 – 30 employees that time).. Left because they don’t value employees and treat them bad. 90% of them are mallus (Malayalis from kerala) and they chat only in malayalam even on client meeting :).

    Sorry to hear they still maintain the reputation of harassing employees and mistreat them badly. Hope Nous will change soon.

  32. kumar(ex-employee) Says:

    Hard to believe nous still exists. Its a mallu family run business. no professionalism. their website is a hoax and all its so called iits and iims never appear in their office. the real dons who run the business have no IT experience, they are either ABCDs or BBCD mallus who have done bogus degrees from unknown foreign universities – barely passed out – all their achievement is rolling over money by sucking them out from un-informed IT employees. Best place not to work for… if any offer got from them, better shred it and flush it down the toilet. by the way, the upper ring is a x-tian mallu gang who harass the non-x-tians who unknowingly join the company – no means of any career progression – they have nexus of their own family members for every leadership position – you are just dogs working for them. you could trust your career on horse race rather than going for nous.

  33. coolsitefinder Says:

    I was working with them from 2002 – 2007. As i said early we were 30 when I was started and it was around 175 when I left. It is full of Mallus, Ajith Pillai is the CEO, vargahese used be the project manager Venkatachalam (HR) , Rajesh Nair (Ajith Cousin), Krishna (Ajith wife) are some of the name I remember. During that time all of their projects were failed , for example Hospital management system they developed for Manipal bangalore, Al Zheera in Sharjah and few inventory projects from Gulf.. All were flops, because of no software dev process in place. Then they started concentrating on Body shopping..

    Ajith (CEO) never give a shit about employees so the HR and other managers. Mallus get first preference when it comes to promotion or hike. From top to bottom, everyone think that you are their slave and should work 24 hours because you took salary from them.

    I remember hearing murmur about Ajith (Nous CEO) who called Anil’s wife at 11:00 PM to check about some office work. Anil was on Nous H1B, to make some etc cash he let his wife (on H4) to work in reception at Nous Edison, NJ office that time. FYI Anil and his wife both are mallu anyway. .

    There is plenty of stories about Nous anyway…to make it short. My growth was exponential after I quit the Nous If you are looking for career growth then avoid Nous as a plaque.

  34. Nous Spam! Says:

    I am not able to block their emails from coming in, even when I add all the domain names included in the header to the deny list. Pretty phishy!

  35. Unika Infocom Says:

    Unika Infocom…

    […]Selling IT Wall of Shame: Nous Infosystems « ScottRu[…]…

  36. Jayram Says:

    Ajit Pillai is a dummy CEO who follows what every dummy managers says, even though .he is loosing projects due poor management.

    dummy managers who don’t understand what customer expectations, they are simply surviving by blaming employees and clients using dummy CEO support.

  37. Present employee Says:

    Yes, you are saying 100% correct. he is not only dummy and he is waste person as a CEO. he is waste guy.

    Manager’s not technical persons, they don’t what customer wants, who is mallu’s those people only can survive in this company. can you imagine no manager doesn’t have technical knowledge.

  38. sdfsd Says:


  39. Kumaran Says:

    Very worst company to work no growth will be there, if ur mallu join this company. all top management are mallus who doesnt know any thing about technology. Please dont join this company.

    • nous infosystems the fraud Says:

      nice company to work for less salary without any employment growth. salary will be very less eventhough it is a level 5 company. Its wonder how they got level 5 certificate. please avoid this company if ur looking for career growth

  40. Preet Says:

    I want to join Nous Infosystems. I have 3 years of experience working as Business Development with a IT firm. Can any one help me with this?

  41. Prabu Says:

    Is the company status is same like before? i am working for TCS and got offer with 40%. Should i consider this or not?

  42. Former employee Says:

    I worked with nous, It is a good company

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  45. suzz Says:

    If you are a ambitious sales guy wanting to be onsite…Prerequisite you have to be a Mallu…

  46. Loyal Employee Says:

    Company is very own property of keralits, Guys who are very talented in higher management is Mallu’s. Very nice company for fresher without growth and great thing is they do feel like very big company with two branches in Bangalore and Coimbatore.
    IF your are Mallu dont hesitate join the greatest company called Nous infosystems if not stay away from this company.

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