Cloudy Computing from Business Week

I just finished rereading the Business Week article about Google’s cloud computing initiatives. A few thoughts:

1) As Anil noted last month, Google’s visibly made a strategic PR shift from quietly talking about their successes to trumpeting things in progress, vaporware or no. SOP in the industry, no harm no foul, and if Business Week wants to follow, good for them – but it’s a long way from the clear we’re-done-go-at-it of years past. Open question: will engineers begin to trust Google less as they see more of this?

2) Google’s control over press coverage is surprisingly strong here. If you’re going to write a legitimate article about cloud computing today, you don’t relegate Amazon Web Services to a sidebar. They’re the ones doing this for realsies, it’s not like they’re a scrappy startup without data center investment, and no question that the excitement about AWS cloud services among tech companies is legitimate. (Google search for EC2, an uncommon term otherwise? 995,000 results.) Eric-fu 1, Jeff-fu 0. 

3) Would it have made the article more or less interesting if they’d mentioned Christophe Bisciglia’s criminal record – for breaking into a Port Orchard ISP? (Look, he was crafty then, too!) Hey, BW, it’s the second result when you use that search engine his company makes.


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