Photogamer: Live the Dream

I’m participating in Photogamer 2008, at least through January, or at least through January 3. (Photogamer is brought to the interwebs by Bre Pettis, who I met at Seattle Mind Camp, and Hilary SomebodySmartImSure.) You can see my photostream on the right column of this here page or on Flickr, plus there’s a group photogamer pool.

I’m not a very good photographer and I haven’t done any learnin’, but I’ve always appreciated good amateur photographers, and I know that the rise of digital cameras gives the amateur so many more opportunities to learn from each photo they take (of still scenarios, at least). I’m doing this on-the-fly, mostly with my iPhone, so I’m focused only on composition – no editing, color correction, etc. – and plan to take photos by happenstance. I’m hoping to have learned “something” by the end of the month, both from the photos I take and the photos I see.

Thanks, Bre & Hilary!

(BTW, I abandoned the project after about a week, when I was asked to take a picture of my foot. I just couldn’t get motivated. The project has moved a bit more abstract, which had been my early hope, but…)


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