Roundhousing the Secretary of State

Two notes on the Iowa caucuses:

1) I love the caucus process: the arcane rules confuse me, of course, but I love that at the beginning of our selection process, passion plays such a large role – individuals get up on Speaker’s Corners to convince each other about the candidates who visited their homes, who shook their babies and kissed their hands, who they actually met. We don’t gather any more to persuade each other, and I’m ok with the undemocratic, even peer-pressured nature of the public gathering to help us select the people to believe in.

2) I do find it strange that a winning candidate tonight had Chuck Norris behind him, and a losing candidate had Madeleine Albright.
Huckabee Hillary


One Response to “Roundhousing the Secretary of State”

  1. tODD Says:

    (1) My friends routinely gather at election time to discuss the issues (during which time there are attempts at persuasion). But this is only really done for the initiatives, which can frequently be too difficult for one person to tackle in Oregon. Still, it passes as a social activity, and if nothing else there’s food and drink.

    (2) I’m pretty certain that Iowa’s system is more “democratic” than the normal idea of elections. I mean, either way, the people vote. But in Iowa, the people are also the ultimate persuaders. In most elections, it’s limited to TV ads and mailers from a select group of people.

    (3) “Caucus process” looks like it should rhyme, but it doesn’t.

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