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3G v. Edge Shootout

July 16, 2007

AnandTech uses the Samsung Blackjack (oh, that old thing, aka my phone until a week ago) and tests 3G v. EDGE, validating Apple’s claims about 3G chip size and speed.

One interesting note about the results that I wouldn’t have guessed – on the iPhone for email and browsing, wifi uses meaningfully less battery life than EDGE.


Listen, if you’re going to fake your identity on eBay,

July 14, 2007

then do a good job. If, for example, you’ve messed with sellers by not paying before and you decide to create a new username, then

1) change your account email address
2) change your payment email address
3) change your shipping address
4) don’t sometimes use your old name with your shipping address
5) don’t make your fake name your real name backwards, even if “Leon” and “Noel” make the first name work.

This ends the lesson.

Glimpse of the Future, 1994

July 12, 2007

“A global electronic ball is under construction” – a DEC commercial from 1994, showing web pages from NCSA Mosaic. It’s a remarkable time stamp.

Ready for the World Series

July 12, 2007

After three episodes of the World Series of Pop Culture, I finally answered one question that neither team answered – Eminem’s character’s name in 8 Mile. Who knew I was that mad dope.

(It’s Rabbit.)

In the next episode, I got another stumper: The answer was “Brass Balls.” You can Jeopardy! that one for yourself.